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The Mission.

Project Next Gen designs, engineers, and sells industry leading websites and systems direct to our customers. We provide project consultancy and thorough guidance to make sure your next big thing will have what it takes. We also create to your specific requirements, give digital marketing strategies an edge and offer the best hosting services around.

Every project we pursue will benefit from fast development times, in-depth planning and will be managed on the project management platform, so you can log in anytime and check up on the progress. We are sure to be a good fit for your business, tell us how we can help.

Simple, Clean and Fully Responsive.

The high standard of our design make our websites clean and simple to use, incorporating a good balance of text and images. This approach is not always to everyone's tastes and so we always aim to deliver what our clients desire.

Cross-Browser Compatible.

One of the things that makes a website really successful is its ability to run without problems on more than one type of browser. Global sales are proven to increase on websites that take cross-browser compatibility into consideration, there are many different types of device and software in use so a website which works well on the majority of them has the most success.

Multimedia Support.

Most of the common image, audio and video formats are supported on all our websites natively. Allowing the use of a variety of artistic or communicative media. The inclusion of audio and videos from online streaming sites like YouTube and SoundCloud is supported.


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Project Screenshots.

The project screenshots are to showcase our work and give an idea of what can be built for you. Perhaps you want to use the images to decide the look and feel of your own website or based on your own specifications we will come up with something fresh and bespoke for you.

What People Are Saying.

  • Overall we were very impressed with the design of the website, it is very professional looking and represents the quality of service that we here at Ryan's Transport provide. As an added touch we had some professional photographs taken by Project Next Gen which turned out great and added a lot to the site.

    Steve Ryan
  • The new website is definitely a success. Had an internal townhall meeting and feedback was very positive. We even had great feedback from the public actually emailing and telling us the new website looked great and cool. Once again, I would like to thank you and Project Next Gen for helping Easy Bookings out.

    Easy Bookings
  • I contacted Project Next Gen when I was starting my business and through their start-up business program they helped me develop my brand, website, booking system and marketing strategy - 3 years later and we couldn't be happier. I really appreciated the expertise that Project Next Gen brought to my business.

    Rick Miller

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